Our Difference

Our members-first philosophy is what sets Educators apart from other financial institutions. That philosophy shows up in a lot of ways — first-class service, exceptional educational resources, low fees and minimum balance requirements, and competitive rates.
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Our Difference

How to Become an Educators Member

A lot of people see their friends and families enjoying the benefits from Educators Credit Union and wonder how they go about joining. It’s easy and fast to start having your money work for you, and here are a few quick […]

The Time to Trust Your Credit Union is Now

If you’ve scoffed at credit unions in the past and claimed they aren’t a safe place to house your money, it might be time to think again. You might not realize it, but your money and your business is going to […]



If you’re attending or have attended school in Southeastern Wisconsin, if you’re an education, healthcare or government employee (in any capacity) — you and your family are eligible to join Educators!